Meditations In A (Fund) Emergency: Practical Advice For Fund Trustees

During and after a crisis, trustees more than ever must be prepared to shift the way they think about the fund’s relationships with service providers in order to obtain meaningful results for shareholders (and mitigate or eliminate their own litigation risk). This article provides an example of what not to do and a few practical suggestions.

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MoKa Brings Two Cases Regarding Infinity Q Liquidation And Valuation Failures

Morris Kandinov LLP has filed two cases seeking to recover losses incurred by investors in the Infinity Q Diversified Alpha Fund (the “Fund”), a mutual fund that announced in early 2021 that it was liquidating because of extensive securities pricing errors that rendered its last reported net asset value (“NAV”) inaccurate.

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Excessive Fee Cases End With Little Benefit And A Legacy Of Faulty Legal Analysis

The most recent wave of mutual fund fee litigation is now over and investors should not be happy with the result. The wave consisted of 25 or so cases alleging that the fees charged by mutual fund advisers were excessive. While a handful settled, most were dismissed at various procedural stages by federal judges who couldn’t find an excessive fee in the entire lot.

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