Area of Practice


Resolving disputes in an evolving field

We represent founders and investors in high-stakes litigation and arbitration involving coin and blockchain projects, digital exchanges, DEXs and lending platforms.

Our approach to dispute resolution focuses on efficiency and protecting our clients’ interests while minimizing disruptions and externalities to the project and its stakeholders.

While the crypto legal environment is evolving and the subject matter is often novel, we find that traditional corporate governance, securities and contract principles often have straightforward application. Simplifying disputes for judges and arbitrators, in our view, is the best path to favorable results for our clients.

The Numbers
The Numbers
Active cryptocurrencies as of 2022
Crypto market capitalization as of 2022
SEC actions and private securities actions brought against crypto companies in 2021
Why us?
We win wars not battles

We find the straightest line to our client's objective. As litigators, we like to battle, but we recognize that our clients need value-maximizing results, not legal trophies.