Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring

Accept investment risk, not fraud risk

Every investment strategy should be paired with a fraud monitoring strategy.

Corporate wrongdoing costs stockholders billions of dollars annually, which directly diminishes investment performance (an effect we’ve coined “fraud drag”). Fortunately, the legal system also returns billions of dollars to investors each year in the form of class action settlements.

To keep track of these settlements and maximize returns, we’ve partnered with Chicago Clearing Corporation to provide industry-leading portfolio monitoring and claims processing for our clients.

How it Works

Portfolio Monitoring

Chicago Clearing provides a single source for securities class actions, antitrust actions, and foreign actions relevant to your portfolio. It's the easiest way to stay on top of the hundreds of stockholder cases filed and settled every year.

Claims Filing

Filing class action claims is tedious, complicated, and time-consuming. Chicago Clearing does the work for you by filing new claims, tracking their status, interfacing with claims administrators, and allocating settlement awards.


Chicago Clearing can cut the wait time in class action settlements by valuing your claims and fully or partially purchasing them for cash (including claims that are still pending and unsettled).

Real-time Intelligence

Chicago Clearing keeps you updated on new filings, opt-out deadlines, new settlements, claims deadlines and distributions, as well as key developments in litigation, like extended deadlines, expanded class periods. and other material information.

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