Area of Practice

Securities Actions

Keeping the financial markets honest

We represent individual and institutional investors in cases under federal and state securities laws in jurisdictions across the country.

Our view is simple: not all perceived misconduct is actionable, but by pursuing the cases that are, we help regulate the financial markets.

We handle class action litigation as well as individual opt-out cases on behalf of large holders, which can provide enhanced control, creativity in the structure of the resolution, and higher recoveries than the class. Institutional investors may benefit from a regular process for monitoring ongoing litigation, and we can provide expert analysis in that process.

The Numbers
The Numbers
Public companies regulated by the SEC's finite staff and resources
Market capitalization destroyed by securities fraud in 2020
Potential opt-out premium versus class recovery (based on available data)
Why us?
A practical advisor for a complicated space

Hundreds of securities actions are filed annually and half are dismissed. We don't flip coins. We take cases where the misconduct is clear and the value proposition for investors makes sense.