Areas of Practice

Corporate Governance

Remedying corporate misconduct

Directors and officers owe a duty to act competently, honestly, legally, and in the best interest of stockholders.  When managers don’t live up to these standards, stockholders pay the price.

We represent individual and institutional investors in cases with a unifying theme: holding management accountable for misconduct that damaged the company and harmed investors.

Our attorneys have obtained significant recoveries for investors in courts across the country in connection with illegal conduct, regulatory penalties, bankruptcies, stockholder or customer lawsuits, and other corporate traumas.

The Numbers
The Numbers
SEC penalties incurred by companies in 2020
FTC penalties incurred by companies in 2020
Executive trading plans with at least one red flag suggesting improper trading
Case Study
Aronson v. Lewis (Supreme Court of Delaware)

"A stockholder is not powerless to challenge director action which results in harm to the corporation. The machinery of corporate democracy and the derivative suit are potent tools to redress the conduct of a torpid or unfaithful management."