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Asset Management

Restoring value for fund investors

U.S. investment funds manage nearly $30 trillion in American savings, which are largely reserved for retirement, education and other critical uses.  The law holds fund managers and directors to the highest fiduciary standards and requires that disinterested and independent directors oversee a fund’s operations.

We represent retail and institutional investors in cases where managers and directors have failed to live up to those standards, either by mismanagement or by elevating their own interests over those of shareholders.  We also work on behalf of funds directly, as well as their independent trustees, to recover losses caused by misconduct.

Our attorneys previously represented numerous asset managers and financial services firms in complex litigation and regulatory matters, and now solely represent the interests of institutions, retail investors, funds and independent trustees.

The Numbers
The Numbers
Assets managed by U.S. investment companies
U.S. individuals who owns fund shares
Fees paid to fund managers annually, which are deducted from investment returns
Case Study
The Investment Company Act of 1940

"The national public interest and the interest of investors are adversely affected . . . when investment companies are organized, operated, managed, or their portfolio securities are selected, in the interest of directors, officers [and] investment advisers . . . rather than in the interest of all classes of such companies’ security holders."