Court of Chancery Denies Defendants’ Motion To Dismiss Infinity Q Case

In a September 12, 2022 order, Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn of the Delaware Court of Chancery, in a case arising from the collapse of the Infinity Q Diversified Alpha Fund, denied a motion by the defendants to dismiss the case in favor of a special committee formed by the defendants in anticipation of litigation. The court ruled that investors had sufficiently alleged “particularized facts demonstrating divergent interests between the Trust board and the [c]ommittee supporting the inference that even though the Trust board created a special committee before a lawsuit was filed, the circumstances of that committee’s creation demonstrate the Trust board conceded demand futility and abdicated control over procedural defenses.” As a result, the board had “divested itself of authority to raise technical or procedural defenses and to cause an appropriate motion to be made on behalf of the Trust.”

By MoKa

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