Recent Focus On Insider Trading Through Rule 10b5-1 Plans Explained

The media, SEC and public have increased their focus recently on trading by company executives through so-called Rule 10b5-1 plans, which continues to be a problem for public companies, despite a downtick in insider trading cases filed by the SEC last year.  The interest has been generated, in part, by an academic paper, which spurred the SEC and Congress to reconsider the rules around trading plans.

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MoKa Files Case Against Granite Construction In Delaware

Morris Kandinov LLP has filed a derivative action on behalf of Granite Construction Inc. following the revelation of over $338 million in project cost overruns that were concealed from investors in multiple major construction contracts between 2017 and 2019.

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Is Everything Really Securities Fraud?

This article addresses the perception that every corporate trauma constitutes securities fraud, and that U.S. companies have been overwhelmed by securities actions in recent years. We don’t think the evidence supports that conclusion.

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