MoKa Files Derivative Suit Against Clover Health Over SPAC Omissions

Morris Kandinov LLP has filed a derivative complaint on behalf of a shareholder of Clover Health Investments, Corp. (CLOV) alleging, among other things, that the company concealed from investors, before going public through a SPAC, that the U.S. Department of Justice was actively investigating at least a dozen different matters relating to its business, which jeopardized the company’s ability to earn revenue through participation in the Medicare Advantage program.

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Morris Kandinov Partners With Chicago Clearing Corporation

Morris Kandinov announced today that it has partnered with Chicago Clearing Corporation (“CCC”) to provide clients with industry-leading portfolio monitoring and class action claims processing services.  The firm will begin transitioning eligible retail, adviser and institutional clients to CCC’s platform, which provides a single source for tracking hundreds of securities, antitrust, and foreign cases filed each year. 

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MoKa Files Case Against Granite Construction In Delaware

Morris Kandinov LLP has filed a derivative action on behalf of Granite Construction Inc. following the revelation of over $338 million in project cost overruns that were concealed from investors in multiple major construction contracts between 2017 and 2019.

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