Morris Kandinov Partners With Chicago Clearing Corporation

Morris Kandinov has partnered with Chicago Clearing to provide its clients with industry-leading claims processing.

By MoKa

Morris Kandinov announced today that it has partnered with Chicago Clearing Corporation (“CCC”) to provide clients with industry-leading portfolio monitoring and class action claims processing services.  The firm will begin transitioning eligible retail, adviser and institutional clients to CCC’s platform, which provides a single source for tracking hundreds of securities, antitrust, and foreign cases filed each year.  CCC will also prepare and submit claims for clients in connection with class action settlements, which CCC’s platform tracks in real time.

“The partnership will provide our clients with the most comprehensive class action claims service available on the market for no out-of-pocket charge,” Leo Kandinov said. “We are excited for the value the partnership will create for our client base.”

Individuals and institutions interested in learning more should inquire with Leo Kandinov, who is available by email at or phone at (619) 780-3993.  

About Chicago Clearing Corporation

Chicago Clearing Corporation has been an industry leader in class action settlements since its founding in 1993.  It services over 5 million individual accounts (with over $5 trillion in assets under management) on behalf of over 2,200 clients, and has processed more than $1 billion in class action recoveries.  For additional information, visit CCC’s website.

About Morris Kandinov LLP

Morris Kandinov is a national law firm that specializes in recovering investment losses and protecting stockholder rights.  We work on contingency (i.e., you do not pay our fees out-of-pocket), and our attorneys have made substantial recoveries for investors in jurisdictions across the country.  For more information about protecting your portfolio, see our overview.