Our Approach

Our Approach

Investment recovery specialists

Our Approach
Our Approach

We don’t race to the courthouse. Every case begins with an investigation.

We rely on our network of lawyers, academics, financial professionals and consultants to investigate every case that we consider taking.  We also typically begin with an inspection demand, which permits us to review non-public corporate records like board minutes, presentations, emails and financial records.  We believe corporate transparency is key.  It’s also a way to avoid a lawsuit: as part of our investigations, we often give management an opportunity to defend their stewardship before litigation.


We only take cases where investors lost real value that can be recovered.

We recognize that not every case involves actionable corporate misconduct, and that non-meritorious cases are bad for investors.  We only take cases involving significant corporate fraud and mismanagement with tangible harm to shareholders and a clear path to recovery against the responsible parties.  Litigation can be disruptive, distracting and expensive for companies and investors. In the cases we handle, we make sure that the end (a meaningful recovery of value for stockholders) justifies the means.


We build a coalition of specialists with the means to prevail in any jurisdiction.

We are a go-anywhere law firm for cases involving investment losses or stockholder rights.  We collaborate with law firms, academics, experts and consultants across the country to build teams of specialists with the expertise and resources to obtain successful outcomes for our clients.  Our model allows us to scale up and down depending on the needs of a case, creating efficiencies for our clients, and our results speak for themselves.


We resolve cases with an eye to loss recovery and our clients’ long-term interests.

We think carefully about the implications of litigation resolutions, and seek outcomes that both recover losses and promote long-term stockholder value in a company.  This might include sources of payment outside of corporate assets (which belong to stockholders) or governance enhancements to prevent future liability.  Our view is that the cases we handle should create, not destroy, value for stockholders and the companies in which they’ve invested.


Leo Kandinov

Leo represents stockholders in class action and derivative cases in jurisdictions across the country, and has been involved in numerous substantial recoveries for investors. He also leads the firm's portfolio monitoring program, and speaks frequently with institutional and individual investors on issues relating to investment losses and litigation.

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Aaron Morris

Aaron specializes in recovering investment losses for retail and institutional investors in public companies, mutual funds, ETFs and other investment products. His expertise stems from years of defending financial services firms while at an international law firm.

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Andrew Robertson

Andrew has nearly two decades of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving investment losses, breaches of fiduciary duty and securities fraud, including first-chairing trials in federal court and FINRA arbitrations. He previously represented financial services companies while at an international law firm, and has since led the prosecution of claims on behalf of investors in dozens of matters.

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Gina Stassi

Gina has broad experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in corporate and consumer litigation. Her practice now concentrates on shareholder derivative litigation and consumer class actions in the state and federal courts of California, especially those presenting novel legal issues at the cutting edge of corporate law.

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